Darragh has always had a special place in her heart for the weird and wonderful world of speculative fiction, but also has experience editing fiction, non-fiction, academic essays, and short stories.

She charges £8 per thousand words. If you are interested in knowing more, email a synopsis of what you’re looking for to dazzalogan8@gmail.com


“I am highly impressed by the clarity Darragh Logan-Davies has bought to my manuscript. Her professional editing really helped me feel confident about moving the work forward for publishing and identifying the underlying complexity I was trying to express in my short science fiction story, ‘Android Heart’. I highly recommend Darragh Logan-Davies in the certainty that her editing service will prove extremely popular.”

M. Richardson

“Darragh is an extremely professional editor who combines her knowledge of language structure, her eloquence in writing, and her straightforward manner in order to give advice that is both intuitive and helpful to the writer and to the piece of literature.”

N. Curley

“Darragh has edited many documents for me, from non-fiction academic essays to poems and short stories. Her knowledge and understanding of grammar is second to none, as is her understanding of what a particular form or genre requires in terms of style. In addition to Darragh’s proficiency in technical matters, she is also extremely professional; she always returns work fully edited and with helpful suggestions very quickly and to a high standard.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, working with Darragh was a delight due to her manner. Darragh has made me a better writer and, given the choice, is the only editor I would use. Cannot recommend highly enough.”

S. Doyle

“I’ve worked with Darragh on a number of projects, including my Stormbringer Saga novels, and a number of short stories over the years. I’ve always been impressed by her feedback, from the fine detail of line editing, to giving feedback on plot progression and plot consistency. She has always given valuable input into whatever project I am working on.”

N. Logan

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